Whether your vision is to create a new housing development, an industrial park, an apartment building or review a LocalĀ  Environmental Plan or Development Control Plan, we are here to assist you.

Changes in planning policy can present an opportunity, but can also restrict the plans of property owners, developers and the broader community.

The team at The Planning Hub have the necessary skills to undertake a wide range of strategic planning work in an efficient and thorough manner. We can liaise on your behalf with Council, coordinate the required technical information to support the proposal, prepare documentation for lodgement and advocate for your interests throughout the process.

Our services include the following:

  • Planning Proposals
  • Site Compatibility Certificates
  • Local Environmental Plan Reviews
  • Development Control Plan Preparation
  • Planning Policy Development
  • Master Planning
  • Growth Area Planning
  • Activity Centre & Retail Planning
  • Mixed Use & Infill Development
  • Land Use Strategies & Distribution
  • Site Optimisation Strategies
  • Government Liason & Relations
  • Strategic, Political & Communication Management

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